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Bucharest Ilfov Commercial Arbitration Court – BIAC

The Commercial Arbitration Court attached to the Ilfov Chamber of Commerce and Industry with headquarters in Bucharest, titled Bucharest Ilfov Commercial Arbitration Court is a permanent arbitration institution, without legal personality, independent in exercising its attributions, organised and functioning according to the Law of commerce chambers from Romania no. 335/2007, as updated and its own Regulations.
In fulfilling its functions, Bucharest Ilfov Commercial Arbitration Court organizes and administers the resolution of internal and international disputes by institutionalized arbitration according to its own Regulations, its  Rules of arbitration, the provisions of  Law no. 134/2010 regarding the Civil Procedure Code, republished, the special laws in the field and the international conventions to which Romania is a party, and insures to the parties, at their own request, the organisation of ad-hoc arbitration and of other ADR. 
The Bucharest Ilfov Commercial Arbitration Court’s  list of arbitrators includes only highly reputable jurists, with valuable qualifications and significant experience in law. Any appointment in a arbitration dispute shall be made by the Bucharest Ilfov Commercial Arbitration Court only with the strict insurance of the independence and impartiality of the appointed arbitrator.
Bucharest Ilfov Commercial Arbitration Court shall provide to the members of the national and international members of the business community mechanisms of dispute resolution alternative to the courts of law, offering a modern and an efficient, in terms of time and costs, dispute resolution. 


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